Saturday, August 15, 2009

Animations and Simulations

Wow... This was interesting and engaging. It is clear to see that Animations and Simulations offer huge advantages over text when it comes to interacting with topics such as the Bullfrog dissection (Froguts, 2009) . The virtual experience was very so enthralling an interesting without having the hassles to find a Bullfrog, euthanize it, get tool for dissecting and find a text on how to dissect the creature. This set up is clean, clear and informative which can be viewed time and time again. The marvellous thing about this is it put you in the seat of dissecting where you have to identify and "do" the tasks. This can be particular beneficial to all types of learners. The learner gets to hear the information by the virtual classroom teacher, see the information displayed in front of them and do what is asked by using the tool bar on the side of the screen. It suits all types of learning styles. However this does come at a cost and they are limited to what you can teach your learners. But if this is the way of the future, bring it on. It was fun for me and will be for the learner. Picture - Screenshot of Froguts (c)

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