Monday, August 10, 2009


LMS or Learning management systems as quoted in CQ University Australia, (2009) "offer a single platform that delivers content, manages assessment, provides communication forums and virtual collaboration spaces for students". For example I found this all new to me when I came to university in 2008. Instead of coming to long lectures that I had imagined in my head, I found that we had ISL's conferences and Blackboards to use. At first this was a little hard for me to take in coming from a digital immigrants point of view but as the weeks progressed I found it more beneficial. It became apparent that you could access information anytime, anywhere (provided you had an Internet connection) and on anyone of your subjects. This became very handy to me as you could do readings via the Internet, with links from your subjects library page. You could also explore further readings through the use of journals, PowerPoint's and hyperlinks. Now while doing this course on e.Learning I am learning a new form of LMS. As I was skeptical at first I believe that this system is easier to navigate that Blackboard. It seems more user friendly and links together easier because of the format. But as there are positive there has to be negatives. The problem I see with LMS is this is no inter-personal touch - it is all cold. You need to have face to face contact instead of being locked in a room or office. If you need to ask a question you cannot get an instant response. You have to post a thread or email. Maybe because we live in such a fast paced world I need a fast response - that is what this technology has brought, we thrive on speed. Last of all (and this may be trivial) is that all the cost is put back on the learner. The student has to spend all this money on a course and then has to sit at home, use his own resources (computer, printer, paper, Internet, etc.) to look at a screen. I do believe this is the way of the future but it is making us into intellectual hermits. Picture - College student at computer C/O superstock images


  1. Hi Phil
    I am truly agree with you that Managing eLearning let us learnt new horizon of learning different things about technology and become versatile individual.


  2. Yes Susan, LMS are the way of the future and this course in e.Learning has opened up my eyes to all the technology out there we can use to help our future students learn in a fun and engaging way.

  3. LMS obviously play a major role in our own learning journey at university but as future LMS creators we must ensure technology is used to support an engaging pedagogy. The four major LMS functional categories support
    *Distribution of course information
    *Student-instructor and student-student communications
    *Student interaction with course resources and
    *On-line testing and grading (Waterhouse, 2005).
    I presume LMS will only become significantly more powerful and sophisticated in the future, it is our responsibility as future learning managers to keep up to date with the ever changing technological world to be confident and effective in the class room.