Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hello again! I have now made and e.portfolio and I am pleased that I got it first go! So what is an e.portfolio I hear some people ask? An e.porfolio is like an electronic resume/CV. It can also contain your personal weblog, social networking systems and electronic files (photos and text) and hyperlinks. Or as stated in is a "user centred environment with a permissions framework that enables different views to be easily managed". In terms of a learning tool for myself and students I could see this as a stepping stone to tomorrows digital world. I believe that once I have finished my BLM degree, having a e.portfolio will be a valuable tool to show case my expertise all in one easy location. With a simple wifi internet connection and portable media device I could show possible employers my full learning history and capabilities. This too can be valuable for my future students. By giving them lessons on how to use an e.portfolio you are enabling them to start to gather information in one place that can be precious to an aggresive work force in the future. A good example of this would be in China or India where a single job could have hundreds of applicants. By having an e.portfolio you could show case your talents and leave a lasting impression that may get them that job.
Picture - Job line up - Shanghai Human Resource Exchange Centre 21 March 2009

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