Sunday, August 16, 2009

YouTube, I Tube, we all Tube, for YouTube!

As an old hat of YouTube (I think I started back in 2005) I believe it is great way to show visual media. Whilst teaching abroad I found it a great way to showcase my adventures. I also found it great to look up things I am interested in. As well as YouTube, TeacherTube is another form of visual learning site. This site is more directed in the educational side of visual information. Having used both YouTube and TeacherTube in the past for assignments and personal use I would say that these are both very engaging tools that can be a hook and stress a point to students. For example as a teaching tool, my year 1 class are looking at recycling and are focusing on plastic bag use. The video can introduce the topic of using plastic bags and questing on what the students saw and what they could do to reduce using plastic bags can be obtained from this short clip. As this clip has been done with clay animation, I believe that the students will be engaged both by the characters and the length of the video. These videos can cater to the audio and visual learners. As an assessment piece the students could perhaps create their own YouTube/TeacherTube home page and make there very own video on recycling and post it to show their families. Picture - YouTube logo C/O YouTube

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