Monday, August 3, 2009


I have just watched the YouTube video on Wiki's in Plain English and created my own wike entitled e-Learning Wiki (very creative name ... I know!). So what is a wiki? As stated by the University of Leads a wiki is a form of web technology that allows a web site to be collaboratively constructed and edited with no specialist tools and very little technical know-how. Learning and teaching a wiki can offer students and educators a more active, participative relationship with web based materials. To view my very own wiki it can be found by clicking this link.

I found the YouTube video very helpful in understanding on how wiki's work. I guess this is because I am a visual learner. I hope anyone else out there reading this also found this helpful in explaining this to them. Once again the technology of wiki's is new to me but I could see this as a useful tool in teaching. For example if you were going have a learning journey about Australia you could split your class into groups to cover each state and territory. The students could find information on the criteria you have set and post the information on the wiki. This is a good tool as each week you could have a different aspect to look at and the students can add and edit the information they have gathered and view their peers work. From a teachers point of view you can monitor the students work and cretic it as it progresses and clarify any questions.


  1. I too found this You tube explanation of a wiki most helpful. The basic instructions combined with the visual prompts appealed to me as a learner. Students would also benefit from viewing this clip prior to using a wiki.

  2. Hollie, I found that YouTube demostration was very engaging. I helped me understand what they were and how to use them. If I was to teach my students Wiki's, I would definently would be showing them this video as a hook to to the start of the lesson.