Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WIKIPedia ... the new type of media?

I only discovered WIKIPedia once I started university. To myself and the world it is a global phenomenon. It is so because anyone can add their own content to it. I ride motorcycles and my model is not displayed. So, I was thinking, on my holidays I might do a write up and create a page on it. WIKIPedia can be used to gain ideas for teaching. For example I am becoming and Early Childhood Teacher and at present my students are doing a unit on recycling. By doing a search on recycling I found all this information with links to recycling. Here are some of those links:-

Types of recycling

General topics

(WIKIPedia, 2009)

On an overhead projector, I could talk about recycling to to students, go to the recycling page on WIKIPedia and look at the images and follow the links to other topics the students talk about in our discussion. Picture - WIKIPedia logo C/O WIKIPedia

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