Saturday, August 15, 2009


Okay......... That was a little confusing but I got there. "Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs) offer a number of advantages for teachers which include the ability to make paper-based quizzes available and automatically marked on the Web. MCQs can also provide an effective formative learning resource for students to practice and test their knowledge base (FAHE11001, 2009)". In my first year of university we did courses called Principles of University Learning and Learning Management. Each week we had to read a text and answer a series of MCQs. I found this hard and was scared each time I did the test. This was particularly so for Learning Management as it only gave you one hour. However by having the tests online, you were surrounded in the comfort of you own home (good for some) and you had access to learning materials such as the Internet and books (this was an open book test) to help you along. MCQs can be beneficial to the student groups of today and the future but I can only see it work for older students that understand the ramifications of their actions. I do not see younger students taking these more seriously. But you have to be aware of the pressure it anxiety it may cause the student. As I have a year 1 class I did not bother to try this test because of their limited computer skills, time constraints and Internet access. From a teacher point of view you get to write exactly what questions you would like to ask from the material you have covered in class. The student can do practice tests to further their knowledge and find out where their gaps in learning are. Also, students can do the tests at home (if permitting) and feel more comfortable and not under so much pressure. For and example of a test I created a year 1 level test you are most welcome to try.
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